At last, the 6DOF optical tracking solution the industry demands.

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Selected by NASA as a new technology to solve problems here on earth and in space. Our finalist presentation (15 minutes)


The problem with today's tracking

To be truly accurate and effective, today’s tracking systems must provide full 6DOF (six degrees of freedom). This means that the object or user’s absolute position and orientation in real-world space are tracked and instantly communicated to the system.  Whether embedded in VR/AR glasses, drones and robots, warehouse vehicles, military equipment, medical devices or dozens of other applications, the key ingredients for such a system to be successful are speed, accuracy, low latency – all at low cost. The market has confirmed that the absence of any of these almost assures a sluggish adoption rate.

How we change, well, everything

Sixdof Space has created a new optical tracking approach, offering long-awaited breakthroughs in all of these factors. We combine optics, algorithms and electronics in a single package for deployment in a variety of products, in multiple industries. Our patent-pending technology is unique in that it can leverage existing room lights, without modification, or employ simple, coded, infra-red LEDs to serve as location beacons. Embedded in any manufacturer’s existing hardware, the system will independently report accurate position at a very high speed, to any host system.

Our Vision

We seek to eliminate the need for complicated, expensive beacons and tracking systems and instead  offer the fastest, most accurate functionality on
the market.

Our Customers

Our products attract industrial and military/aerospace firms, as well as AR/VR and entertainment system manufacturers.
To see a more detailed of supported sectors, visit our
Application page

Our Technology

Sixdof Space is the only company offering an inside-out optical 6DOF tracking system using optical image compression, with visual SLAM running 10-100x faster than anything you’ve seen.

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