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The Sixdof SDS621 evaluation board includes:

  • Evaluation board with control unit, communication and power provided through a single µB USB interface to host

  • Three low-cost toroidal optic sensor modules pre-assembled on the evaluation board

  • Integrated on-board gyro sensor


The Sixdof software package includes the algorithms, host processing SDK, demonstration software and visualization tools.




Warehouse Logistics

Warehouses and manufacturing plants rely on robots, forklifts and other indoor vehicles.  We offer an optimized solution for using existing lights or infrared coded beacons for autonomous navigation or independent location tracking.


Heads up AR.png

AR in Industry

AR/VR is being used today for maintenance, manufacturing and simulators. The problem: if the head is not tracked accurately and at a very fast speed, the experience is underwhelming and often adopted with resistance. The Sixdof technology is accurate and very fast – we are tracking using lights at speeds of up to 1000 times per second.



AR/VR Accurate Head Positioning

...As an extra bonus, our system could work without an IMU – the device that is in your smartphone that lets it know that it is tilting or moving.  Camera-based SLAM systems all rely on the IMU.  But if you are using a headset in an active vehicle (a bus, a car, a tank or even an airplane) – the IMU cannot function properly because the vehicle is moving.  By not relying on the IMU, our system works in a moving vehicle.



Drone Cluster Positioning

Military drones often fly in fast-moving swarms.  With little distance between the drones, GPS does not offer the precision that operators need to keep the drones traveling safely in formation.  The Sixdof tracking solution provides more precise tracking information, mapping the position of drones with unmatched accuracy.


cave robot.jpg

Robotic Indoor Navigation

In a large facility or tunnel, the mounted Sixdof tracking solution can navigate a tractor or robot using existing or newly-installed lights. Positional data is sent back to a host computer over local-area wireless communication, or even uploaded to the cloud using 5G cellular service.  A lighting map of the facility or tunnel can be shared by all tracking units.


Autonomous vehicle Follow Me.jpg

“Follow-Me” Technology

A vehicle can follow another vehicle in its group by installing lights and the Sixdof sensor unit on the two sides of the vehicle.   This technology allows each moving vehicle to “see” the vehicle in front and behind, and to easily follow it. 




By installing the Sixdof tracking unit as part of the helmet, workers can be tracked in a construction zone using installed infrared coded beacons. 


construction restrcited.jpg


The Sixdof technology can significantly add to site safety, either for locating workers or to ensure that a worker does not accidentally go into a dangerous area.