About Us

The company was formed in February 2017, with its R&D office in Jerusalem. Our founders, Mark Goldfarb (CEO), Daniel Greenspan (CTO) and Klony Lieberman (VP R&D), each have over 30 years of international business and technology experience. They head a team of 15 from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and professional environments.  Each contributes to the sense of fast-paced accomplishment and out-of-the-box creativity a "Startup Nation" company like ours thrives on. We are proud to be based in Jerusalem -- the home of over 600 startups -- a vibrant and creative community making their mark on the high-tech scene. (Interested in joining our team? Contact us)

We are proud to have partnered with Tmura. This organization receives donations of equity from Israeli and Israel-related high-tech companies and, upon a liquidity event, allocates the proceeds to education- and youth-related charities in Israel.

The company has two approved patents and an additional four patent applications filed (US & PCT). 

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Mark Goldfarb



Mark was an early pioneer of the application of technology into businesses, schools and homes, and has managed companies in both the US and Israel, as one of the first telecommuters. He brings experience in dealing with governmental and municipal institutions, investor relations, and team management.

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Daniel Greenspan


Daniel has consulted and worked for leading hi-tech firms and startups, including Intel, Cisco, Marvell, Robogroup, Zoran and Better Place, with key roles in flagship designs. Daniel holds patents across the fields of Optics, System Design and Caching.

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Dr. Klony Lieberman


Klony is an expert in advanced optical imaging techniques and optical system design. He has co-founded multiple companies in the field, and overseen the development of a range of optical designs for human-machine interface. Klony has authored over 40 scientific papers in the world’s leading journals, and holds numerous patents.

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