Yes, you need to leave the lights on.

At Sixdof Space, we realized long ago that tracking has to be fast – really fast… and for fast tracking, there’s no substitute for having high-powered location beacons in place… but we also knew that it’s often totally impractical to install those beacons.

That’s how we came up with a totally new way of doing 6DOF tracking that relies on the beacons you already have… the existing lighting in rooms, warehouses, and roadways.

Next, we developed an optical compression technique that allows us to accurately capture multi-megapixel images at frame rates of up to 1000 frames per second, without extreme bandwidth or power requirements. Our algorithm team re-imagined SLAM for high-speed operation and rounded out the system by integrating additional data from a MEMS sensor.


Working at high frame rates gives our system an amazing advantage – even the fastest and most unpredictable movements don’t take the system by surprise – and with misprediction a major cause of nausea and positioning errors, who can afford to take chances?


Our system currently provides full drift-free 6DOF positional information with sub-centimeter and sub-degree accuracy and end-to-end latency of under 2 mSec. It can be run without resorting to a GPU or a DSP and can even work in systems without DRAM. The system is ideal for a range of both tethered and independent applications.

Try predicting where the ball will be in 30 ms...

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